6 things that will enhance the end result of your laser hair removal

6 things that will enhance the end result of your laser hair removal

So, You just went through long-planned and scheduled treatment – Laser hair removal and now wish to know the magic steps to enhance its effects.

Here, we are going to share some of those eminent steps to ensure the best end results of the procedure.

  • No makeup for next 24-48 hours

    As the procedure of laser hair removal opens up the skin pores and leaves the tiny hair follicles of the face as more sensitive and irritated towards certain chemicals. Thus the application of normal makeup including concealer should be avoided. Your skin goes in a phase where it becomes maximum sensitive towards various products. Therefore, it is generally advised to minimize the application of products on the skin. In extreme emergency, gel-based moisturizer can be used.

  • Keep yourself away from the sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool and gym for a while

    Even if you are a fitness freak and regular visitor of sauna and jacuzzi, you need to avoid it completely for a few days till the skin comes back to the normal state. As the treatments which you get at these locations is very likely to disturb the sensitivity of the skin, thus it is recommended to avoid them for 24-48 hours after the procedure of laser hair removal.

  • Real aloe vera will soothe your treatment area

    The natural and pure form of aloe vera gel can help you in soothing your skin post the treatment of laser hair removal. It is especially beneficial in healing the cases of inflammation, redness, or itching. Aloe vera is known for its moisturizing, soothing and healing properties.

  • Tepid water for your shower

    You need to assure that whenever you take shower, water has to be lukewarm. You must avoid extremely hot water after laser hair reduction. The reason for avoiding cold water is that laser beams leave your skin highly sensitive which is not good for healing of your skin.

  • A big NO to physical exercise

    Again, as physical exercises would initiate lots of sweating and an increase of body temperature, it is advised not to go for physical exercises for some time after the procedure of laser hair reduction. Obviously, you can always stick to your previous regime once your laser treated skin has healed completely.

  • A YES to sunscreen and NO to sunbed

    Your skin becomes highly sensitive after laser hair reduction and thus calls for maximized protection. This can only be given in the form of a good quality sunscreen. Your dermatologist would always advise you to use a high-quality sunscreen you step out in the sun to your sun-exposed and laser-treated areas. Tanning of any kind should strictly be avoided and you need to cancel your visit for sunbeds for some time.

Keeping note of above-mentioned guidelines will surely help you in getting soft, smooth and hair-free skin in a safe manner. It will also ensure and avoid any inconvenience caused to your skin after the procedure. If you are investing your time and money for achieving certain results for your skin, make sure you keep a vigilant eye over certain precautions that will end in providing you with maximum satisfying results. Dr. Rohit Batra is a trusted name for laser hair reduction. He is known for his precision and proficient care for his patients. Please call on 9333390000 for booking an appointment with the doctor and gaining access to his expert knowledge.

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