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Permanent Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Unsightly body hair can be very upsetting and embarrassing for both men and women. These days there are many methods which are available to remove unwanted hair but LHR is considered one of the most effective treatments available today. It is a quick, yet gentle way of removing unwanted hair, and is proven scientifically to give hair free skin for longer periods than other methods. The session for same is repeated at gap of a few weeks. The number of sittings a person requires will depend on hair color, skin color, coarseness of hair & hormones. Sometimes, a patient may feel that one treatment has impressive results, but actually several treatments are required for attaining great results. Your dermatologist can guide you how many sessions are required to achieve optimum results.

What are the different body parts to be treated?

If you are searching for a Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Delhi, you can get in touch with us at Dermaworld as we provide treatments for the following areas:

  • Full body
  • Arms
  • Face
  • Chin
  • Bikini
  • Breast
  • Tummy
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Ear
  • Eyebrows

What are the different technologies used for Laser Hair Removal?

We make use of advanced lasers which are registered and approved by Govt. Earlier, laser technology was expensive and excruciating but anyhow delivered great results. Now, with new and advanced techniques, it is affordable and more comfortable. Dr. Rohit Batra makes use of “Gold Standard” technology for each and every LHR and hence is a trusted name for permanent laser hair removal in Delhi.

Different skin types & skin colors need different laser treatments. The following are the two main types of technologies which are popularly being used today:

  • Diode Laser – This gives relatively fast results and almost no downtime after the procedure. It has a longer wavelength which means it penetrates deeper into the skin. It concentrates laser beams on the melanin on the hair shaft and thus induces destruction of associated hair follicle. This works best for dark and coarse hair.

  • Alexandrite Laser – It works best on the skin surface with olive or light skin tone. The treatment is relatively faster and has a shorter wavelength. However, the results are quite satisfying on light-colored and fine hair.

What are some quick facts about Laser Hair Removal?

1. You must not be suntanned and must avoid outdoors at least 4 weeks prior to the hair removal process.
2. You shall not expect completely hair-free skin in just 1 sitting. It takes several sessions to get that silky smooth skin.
3. Ask for a patch test before the actual procedure to understand the effect of laser on your skin.
4. Technically, it’s the reduction of hair and no technology can claim to give you 100% hair-free skin. The hair that grows after the completion of the procedure is relatively fine and are hardly visible. That’s why many of skin specialists are now using the term Laser Hair Reduction to avoid confusions in a patient’s mind.

How does Laser work for unwanted hair?

Firstly, the area to be treated will be shaved. The patient is provided with protective eye glasses which are a must to avoid any contact of laser with the eyes. A cooling gel is then applied on to the skin surface which soothes the skin against the heat effect of laser beams and ensures better penetration at the same time. Afterwards, doctor uses a hand held laser equipment on to your skin surface to target the hair follicles beneath the skin. Now, laser beams heat up the follicle and destroy them eventually.

What should be the ideal Post-procedure care?

After you are done with your session of Laser you’ll be suggested to avoid sun exposure as your skin will be quite sensitive after the procedure. There are a certain things which are a big no post treatment including hot showers, perfumes, deodorants, waxing or tweezing.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Once the suggested number of sessions have been completed, you get soft, satin-smooth and hair-free skin. That surely means you are no longer required to go for painful procedures of waxing or shaving. However, it is vital to mention that results may vary from person to person and it also depends on the area to be treated. Additionally, you may have to go for touch-up sessions in next 12-18 months to retaining the results.

Laser is only effective on hair during the early growth cycle. Therefore, treatment may be repeated to destroy these follicles when they re-enter the early growth phase. At our clinic, we treat both men and women and of all ages. Though it works best with a person having a lighter skin, people with darker skin can be treated with additional treatments. Always remember, once you start with the treatment, never force the hair from the follicle as it can reverse the effect of the treatment. Nevertheless, you can shave, trim or clipper as required in between the treatments. The procedure has quick recovery time and patients can resume work or daily routine immediately as there can be slight redness which will settle down within a few hours. We make use of advanced lasers which are registered and approved by Govt. Earlier, laser technology was expensive and excruciating but delivered great results. Now, with new and advanced techniques, laser hair removal in Delhi is affordable and more comfortable. The complete treatment is much safer and simpler with almost no side effects and least discomfort.


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Ujjwal Katyal
Ujjwal Katyal
testimonials quote

Best Skin Specialist in Delhi. I got my wife treated for her hand problem and were satisfied a lot. Now we are taking a package for whitening treatments at his clinic in Rajouri Garden.Will surely recommend for all your skin, and hair problems. Truly the best dermatologist in Delhi.

Shilpa Rajput
Shilpa Rajput
testimonials quote

I had really bad pigmentation that no doctor could get rid of. After Going to Dr. Batra, He designed a program for me using the Clearlift laser that got rid of all my dark patches. Thank You so much Dr. Batra for giving me the skin I always dreamed of!


  • How long do the effects of laser hair reduction last?

    The skin becomes soft, hair-free, and satin-smooth after completion of the recommended sessions of laser hair reduction. This treatment replaces all the traditional methods of hair removal like waxing, epilating, or shaving. A series of laser hair reduction sessions give long-term results. However, results may vary according to skin condition and the areas treated. Thus, for retaining the results, one may be recommended for touch-up sessions in the next 4 to 6 months.

  • How much does laser hair reduction cost in Delhi?

    The cost of laser hair reduction varies and depends on several factors, such as:

    • Type of hair targeted and skin color
    • The area of the body targeted.
    • Type of laser technology used.
    • Number of the sessions provided.
    • Location of the clinic.
    • Experience of the doctor.

  • Is laser hair reduction painful?

    Laser hair reduction is a safe procedure that requires no downtime. During laser hair reduction treatment, advanced lasers are used, and they deliver light of a specific wavelength that enters deep inside the skin layer and only damages the hair follicle. Also, during the treatment, a cooling gel is applied. This helps to make the procedure comfortable. As the laser only damages the hair root, so no scabbing occurs, and no harm is caused to the skin; however, the patient may experience mild redness in the treated area which is normal, and it corrects within a few hours after the treatment. The laser device is gently glided over the skin targeted area, and some of the patients feel a tingling like sensation, but this is not discomforting or painful.

  • What is the duration of one session of laser hair reduction treatment?

    The duration of one session depends on the area being treated, the thickness of the hair, hair color, and the type of laser machine used during the treatment. The small area like chin and upper lips may take 10-15 minutes, and arms may take 15 to 20 minutes while hair reduction of legs may take 25 to 60 minutes.

  • How many sessions are required to complete treatment?

    To achieve optimum results, patient is advised to take about 6-8 sessions of laser treatment. The sessions of laser hair reduction depend upon various factors:

    • Target area (legs, face, bikini line, underarms, hands).
    • Laser technology used to remove hair.
    • Patient hair type (thick or dark).

    Hence it is necessary to consult a dermatologist to know what will work best for them.

  • What happens if you don't shave before laser hair removal?

    Laser waves may damage the skin if the hair is not shaved properly before the procedure. Laser heat acts to destroy the dark pigment present in the hair follicle. But if the surface hair is too long, then they can be burned during the hair removal procedure. Thus, the surface hair should be shaved before laser treatment.

  • Does hair grow back after the first laser treatment?

    The hair growth cycle takes place in three phases, that is the anagen, catagen, and telogen. The target of the laser hair reduction treatment is to damage the hair follicle at the anagen phase so that the growth of hair does not take place. As the damage is caused to the hair follicles during the early growth cycle, as a result of which, the actively growing hair once damaged will not grow back. However, some follicles which are not in their early growth cycle (or are at catagen and telogen) during the procedure may grow again (enter at the anagen phase). Therefore, repeated sessions are required to reduce hair density and growth.

  • Are there any side effects of laser hair reduction?

    Laser hair removal treatment is a safe, effective treatment for hair reduction. However, some times effects such as itching, mild redness, swelling around the treated area may appear. These effects are temporary, and by the application of cold packs and antibiotics, the skin becomes normal again after a few hours or days after the treatment. One needs to apply sunscreen after the procedure to protect the skin from sun damage.

  • How does laser hair reduction work for treating ingrown hair?

    Laser hair reduction works by removing the hair present in the early growth cycle to provide smooth hair-free skin. Area to be treated should be shaved first, and then protective eyeglasses are provided to the patient to protect the retina. To protect the skin from laser heat, a cooling gel is applied to the skin area, and then the laser handpiece is glided over the targeted area to target the hair follicles in the deep skin layers. Therefore, laser beams cause the destruction of follicles by heating them, and this helps to remove the hair from the root, hence reduces the chances or risk of getting the ingrown hair.

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