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What is Laser Hair Reduction?

What is Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Removal or Laser Hair Reduction

Before i tell you about Laser Hair Reduction, lets talk about the hair cycle. Every hair be it on any part of the body goes through a hair growth cycle.

1. Anagen  – The growing phase.
2. Catagen – The regressional phase.
3. Telogen – The resting phase.
4. Exogen  – The spilling off of the hair from the hair shaft.

Now, when we do a Laser Hair Removal, we are treating the hair follicle for its black color. The pigment that is available in the hair shaft in the hair follicle is being targeted by the laser light. when we are doing the Laser Hair Redaction, we are targeting that pigment. Depending upon how thick the hair is the pigment in that hair is much more compared to a fine hair. So, when a laser light goes and bombards that hair follicle, the pigment in that hair follicle absorbs the light, and there is a small blast. Well, the blast is not that much that it can affect your skin but, it’s only going to affect the follicle. So, in this way, the laser light will treat the hair follicle for its pigment and that’s the reason why Laser Hair Reduction can’t be used on a white hair.

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