Bursting Bikini Laser Hair Removal Myths

Are you aware of the amazing benefits offered by laser hair removal treatment for  pubic hair removal? 

This new-edge technology is now in trend for pubic area hair removal as well. Laser hair removal in Delhi and other cities are gaining massive popularity. Moreover, bikini laser hair removal is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment that ensures long-lasting freedom from dense pubic hairs. Even though bikini laser hair removal is the most effective treatment with no downtime, various myths surround this treatment. These are the most common myths holding back many women from considering bikini laser removal. Some of the common bikini laser hair removal myths are given in this blog.

Myth #1: Bikini Laser Hair Removal is Painful

Fact: A most common myth regarding bikini laser hair removal is that it is painful. The fact is laser hair removal is a pain-free procedure. Some women undergoing this treatment reported feeling like a rubber band snapping against the skin. Moreover, if someone has intense sensitive skin, then numbing creams can also be used to remove the procedural discomfort.

Myth #2: Bikini Laser Hair Removal is Only for Women

Fact: Bikini laser hair removal is frequently misunderstood to be only a female issue. However, this procedure can be used to eliminate unwanted hair in the pubic area in both men and women. This procedure can also help guys who wish to seem well-groomed or who want to stop their bikini area hair from growing.

Myth #3: Bikini Laser Hair Removal is Not Safe for Dark Skin Tones

Fact: There is a myth that people with dark skin tones cannot undergo bikini laser hair removal. The fact is laser technique is getting more advanced day by day. With the help of Alma Soprano Ice and Alma Soprano Ice Platinum laser available at Dermaworld Skin and Hair Clinics, people with dark skin tone, hair texture and growth can get the desired outcome.

Myth #4: Bikini Laser Hair Removal is Expensive

Fact: Bikini laser hair removal is frequently viewed as pricey and not worth the money. However, the treatment can be a cost-effective option when considering its long-term advantages. Shaving and waxing call for regular upkeep, which can increase over time. The more durable bikini laser hair removal option can result in long-term financial savings.

Myth #5: Bikini Laser Hair Removal is a One-Time Treatment

Fact: Even though laser hair removal is the most effective treatment for hair reduction, it is not a one-time solution. Laser hair removal is a multiple-session-based treatment that requires 8 to 9 sessions to give long-lasting results. However, the number of sessions varies from patient to patient as it depends on the person’s hair type, hair growth, and other factors. Nevertheless, one can start experiencing reduced unwanted hair growth after the first session. But for the ultimate result, candidates need to undergo all the prescribed sessions.

Myth #6: Bikini Laser Hair Removal Causes Ingrown Hairs

Fact: A side-effect of using razors and bikini wax is ingrown hair. Hence, many people consider the same side effects after laser hair removal too. But laser hair removal eliminates the growth of ingrown hairs by destroying the hair follicles. It is the best treatment to get rid of ingrown hairs.

Myth #7: Bikini Laser Hair Removal Can Damage Internal Organs

Fact: There is a myth that laser hair removal can cause damage to the internal body organs of the bikini area. It is completely untrue. Laser hair removal is safe. It only penetrates the skin’s dermal layer and follicles of unwanted hairs only. Hence, the internal body organ stays untouched by the laser device's UV rays.

Myth #8: Bikini Laser Hair Removal Can Cause Skin Discoloration

Facts: Laser hair removal procedures burn unwanted hair follicles. Hence, many people think it will cause skin discoloration. But the fact is laser treatment's major task is to treat skin pigmentation. But during hair removal, it targets the hair follicles only and destroys them. A cooling device mounted on the laser device’s tip manages the heat after the follicles burn. Additionally, it prevents the skin from follicle-burning side effects. Hence, there is no reality in considering laser hair removal as a cause of skin discoloration.

Myth #9: Bikini Laser Hair Removal is Time-Consuming

Fact: Many people think bikini laser hair removal takes a lot of time and calls for several appointments. While numerous treatments are necessary, each usually lasts only 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the area being treated. One can resume the everyday activities right away because the procedure necessitates little downtime.

Myth #10: One Does Not Need to Shave Bikini Hair Before Laser Treatment

Fact: Since laser hair removal itself is a hair removal treatment, a myth rooted in this procedure is that it does not require a pre-shave of the area. Before lying on the bed for laser hair removal, one needs to trim the hair. For this, one can use a razor, trimmer or seizure only. Candidates are prohibited from using wax and hair removal creams before the procedure, the laser treatment starts and all these products between the two sessions.

Bikini area is the most sensitive part of the body therefore one should avoid painful bikini wax, razors and hair removal causing skin pigmentation. To keep the pubic area hair-free and hygienic one can consider bikini laser hair removal in Delhi at DermaWorld Skin & Hair Clinics.

The clinic has the best laser experts and uses the best laser hair reduction techniques such as Alma Soprano Ice Platinum and Alma Soprano Ice.

Consult with the laser specialists at the clinic first to know more about the procedure and its cost in detail.

Visit the clinic now to get a smoother summer ready bikini area with laser treatment!

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