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The flat brown spots or tan spots formed on the skin by excessive sun exposure or UV damage are known as sunspots. Ultraviolet rays from the sun stimulate the multiplication of melanocytes in an uncontrolled manner, resulting in their formation. These spots are harmless and non-cancerous but can affect the overall facial appearance. These spots are most visible in the areas of the body most exposed to the sunlight like face, neck, shoulders, chest, and backs of the hands. Medically this skin condition is also known as “liver spots” or “solar lentigines”, though the liver is not responsible for this. They are not risky for health, and many people look for the treatment for cosmetic reasons.

The sunspots can be reduced with expert help, proper sun protection, and some advanced treatments. People get sunspots around the age of 35, and fair or lighter skin people get them earlier or later in life, and this depends on the sun exposures or some time on their genetic inheritance also. If someone is suffering from sunspots and age spots, the Q-switched laser is  one of the best techniques to remove them. Laser treatment can remove sunspots and help to get beautiful spotless skin again. In this technology, unwanted sunspots and brown spots are targeted. This technology delivers laser energy that slowly reduces sunspots with the help of the natural healing process of the body.

Sun exposure (UVA and UVB light): The melanin pigment is present in the skin which captures sunlight and defends the skin from UV rays damage. However, when skin gets overexposed to the sun rays, it increases the formation of melanin. This high amount of melanin develops slowly and causes dark spots on the skin.

Age: As with increasing age, the strength of the skin to defend against UV rays decreases, so the chances of getting sun spots increase.

It can treat all parts of your body. The results vary from person to person because of the different skin types and thickness of the hair depending on which you might need less or more treatment sessions than others.


  • Skin biopsy: Skin biopsy is used to distinguish sunspots from other conditions; for example, lentigo maligna which is a type of skin cancer. During this, a small sample of skin is taken for microscopic analysis.
  • Visual inspection:The doctor usually diagnoses sunspots by directly looking at the skin of the patient.

Note: One must tell their doctor about their medical history before the treatment to avoid any complications.

Laser toning treatment for sunspots

Laser toning is used for the removal of unwanted sunspots, age spots, and brown spots from the skin. This treatment is not appropriate for pregnant women and patients who have herpes or cold sores. During this treatment, the dark pigments causing sunspots are targeted and are broken down through the laser energy pulse that travels in billions of seconds. The dark pigments are naturally reabsorbed and removed off from the body’s immune system. The energy released during laser treatment feels like various small hot dots on the skin. A stream of cold air is directed on the sunspots to minimize discomfort.



Ujjwal Katyal
Ujjwal Katyal
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Best Skin Specialist in Delhi. I got my wife treated for her hand problem and were satisfied a lot. Now we are taking a package for whitening treatments at his clinic in Rajouri Garden.Will surely recommend for all your skin, and hair problems. Truly the best dermatologist in Delhi.

Shilpa Rajput
Shilpa Rajput
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I had really bad pigmentation that no doctor could get rid of. After Going to Dr. Batra, He designed a program for me using the Clearlift laser that got rid of all my dark patches. Thank You so much Dr. Batra for giving me the skin I always dreamed of!


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