Decoding the science of laser hair removal

Decoding the science of laser hair removal

Do you often wonder how laser promises to secure hair-free and smooth skin? Why can’t you get your desired result in one single sitting? Do you wish to know the hidden science and clinical methodology of Laser Hair Reduction? Are these questions often pop up in your mind? Come along! We are going to decode the science behind laser hair reduction procedures and wish to declutter all of the probable questions.
Laser hair removal has taken the shape of a safe and effective option for hair reduction from body and face. It has no room for doubts and illusions as the same is clinically approved and rendered safe by expert dermatologists.


The procedure of laser hair removal would demand you to stay away from plucking, waxing, and electrolysis of your body hair. It is because these procedures tend to damage roots or hair follicles which are needed in an intact position for successful completion of the procedure. Hence, these procedures must be avoided 6 weeks prior to the treatment. An equal interval of time for precaution from sunlight is also recommended in order to ensure the best results from the procedure. You would be required to go for hair trimming just before the procedure. In most of the cases, a cooling gel is either applied on the skin surface or a cooling device can be used at the tip of the laser instrument in order the neutralize the pain and lessen any discomfort. Then, the doctor would press and move the laser instrument throughout the area to be treated. During this procedure, the melanin of hair follicle attracts the laser light beams resulting in the damage and destruction of the hair follicle. This results in inhibition of the growth of hair or it is delayed for prolonged intervals. You will need to complete a certain set of hair removal sessions for getting final results.


This is a very apparent question which strikes the minds of patients before going for the procedures. Well! It is because practically complete hair removal is not possible. Laser hair reduction procedure can only lessen the growth and thickness of hair. Although, hair growth is delayed largely and the texture of hair also becomes finer and thinner with a light color. This creates a suitable and desired condition of getting the soft and hair-free skin for long. During the first session, some of the hair follicles are destroyed completely. But, not all of the hair follicles are destroyed at once because hair grows and falls according to a cycle. Lasers work best when follicles are in the newly growing stage. Hence, we need to wait for up to 4-8 weeks before going with the 2nd session and so on. The sessions are repeated until the desired result is obtained. This varies individually.

Now, when you know the detailed science behind laser hair removal, it will be quite easier to understand and expect results from it. You would relate to the procedure in a more justified way and this will help largely in the completion of the procedure. If you wish to go for the laser hair removal, kindly call on 9333390000 for booking an instant appointment with Dr. Rohit Batra, who is a trusted name for laser-related procedures.

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