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Bikini Hair Removal

As a girl becomes a woman, her pubic hair starts to grow, which leads to embarrassing situations while in swimming and changing rooms. Some women feel awkward with their partners if they have too much of hair “down there”. They feel a kind of uneasiness in revealing themselves to their partners. Bikini laser hair removal helps you to achieve smooth, hair-free skin in the bikini area.

Why you should get bikini laser hair removal treatment done?

The motive of bikini laser hair removal treatment is not only about looking good, but also about hygiene. Many women face orgasms and release a discharge from their bodies which can create an awful odor in their cloths as well as bikini line. When these hairs are left untreated, infections grow in them like thrush and can cause internal diseases as well. Other depilatory treatments in the bikini line can actually worsen these situations. This is why laser hair removal for bikini line is the only current treatment which can correct and cure such problems.

How many sessions of laser hair removal are needed for the bikini area?

Bikini laser hair removal is one of the best options for all types of bikini line hair in women. The treatment is not painful and takes less time. The best part about this treatment is that it is done in about 10 minutes as the hair in that area is not that long and the area which needs to be treated is quite small. The treatment depends upon the skin type and density of hair and about 6 to 12 sessions can give the best outcome for the woman being treated.

What precautions should be taken post treatment?

Getting bikini laser hair removal treatment is exciting but aftercare is also important to ensure good outcome. Some important tips for aftercare are as follows:

  • Your skin may feel some itchiness or irritation for first few hours after treatment. A soothing gel or lotion can be applied to calm it down.
  • Avoid the use of tweezers or waxing on the area that is being treated.
  • Avoid any other laser treatment or chemical procedures on the area that has been treated for few weeks post-treatment.
  • If you experience any side effects, such as hypo-or hyper-pigmentation, prolonged redness or swelling, consult your doctor.
  • Avoid the heat on that area, also hot showers for 2-3 days after the treatment.

At Dermaworld, the bikini laser hair removal clinic in Delhi, our experts know about the sensitivity of the region and take extra care to make sure that procedures are performed carefully and precisely. Our experienced aestheticians make sure about your comfort at all times during the treatment and will answer any queries you have about the treatment or the post-operative care. At our clinic, we take pride in providing aesthetic services with niche. Bikini line is one of the simplest and fastest area to be treated and a topical anesthetic gel can be applied in case of mild discomfort.

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