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Breast Hair Removal

The hair on the breast is a natural phenomenon but it is an embarrassing problem. This problem can develop the feeling of nervousness or distress. In this situation, removing hair from the affected area becomes necessary. Breast Laser Hair Removal treatment is done in such a way that it reduces the growth of the hair to minimal. When compared to the electrolysis treatment, laser treatment is quite safer and offers positive results. Certainly, the breast can feel quite reactive and while laser hair removal is not much painful, mild pain can be anticipated.

What causes the growth of breast hair?

Most of the women have hairy nipples. There can be various causes that can lead to the growth of nipple hair. Some of the common causes are:

  • Hormonal changes- Hormonal imbalance can cause nipple hair. This imbalance can occur during the times of pregnancy and menopause. Also, most of the hormonal changes occur in a woman’s late 20s and early 30s.
  • Medications- Sometimes the reason can be certain medicines which can cause an increase in hair growth.
  • Polycystic Ovary syndrome- PCOS is a group of symptoms that affect ovaries and ovulation. The ovary releases male hormones and hence results in the excessive growth of hair at various body parts.

What are the important things to keep in mind during the treatment?

After each treatment, the treated area should be taken care of to prevent any side effects. Underlying are a few important things to be kept in mind:

  • The skin may turn temporarily red or bumpy after the treatment. So proper care should be taken but a minor, ointment must be used for few days to the issue resolved.
  • Also, to protect the area after the treatment, sunscreen must be used for a period of 48 hours as a preventive measure.
  • You have to be careful while going through the process as it can cause some biological changes in or around the breast area.

How many sessions are required?

In order to gain optimum results, one has to take 6-8 regular sessions. When compared between the chest and breast, it shows that breast occupies less area of hair and thus needs much less treatment. Breast laser hair removal takes not more than 10 minutes but for good results, one must go under 6-10 treatments. The treatment is being considered one of the best in today’s time and has given successful results.

Our practitioners are authorized and experts. As the area being treated is sensitive, it must be kept in mind that any kind of mishandling can cause complications. At Dermaworld, the treatment is carried out well, our experts take extra care to make sure that procedures are performed carefully and precisely.

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