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Medication and Conditions That Do Not Go Well With Laser Hair Removal

You have put in intense research and have found what type of hair is yours and what will it takes to make them disappear for once and forever. The technology and its latest advancements and the surgeon who will be the best for the process; all of these factors have been taken into account and you are now set to visit the clinic for leg hair removal in Delhi. But one factor that you did not care about was your medical history.

You too, like several others may wonder over the importance of your medical history and its relevance for a process that is basically about removal of dead cells. However, you should be aware that, though the hair shaft consists of dead cells but the follicle is very much alive and so are the surrounding skin cells. And when the diode laser hair removal in Delhi is conducted, the beam of concentrated light does impact the tissues around the hair follicle. Though the laser is calibrated to be harmless on the skin layers, but the surrounding tissue does absorb the heat and thus can behave abnormally if you have a medical history that is not appropriate as an ideal candidate for leg or upper lip hair removal in Delhi.

Though such situations are rare that a person visits a center and gets the treatment over his body parts, but even during the normal consultation process it is duty of the person seeking the service to let open the topic of medical history enabling the expert cosmetic surgeon to assess his candidature for the treatment. Some of the medicines that do not go well with diode laser hair removal in Delhi include several antibiotics and drugs that are administered to cardiac patient.

It is also in your best interest to discuss with the upper lip and leg laser hair removal expert about the antibiotics that you are currently consuming. There are some drugs which need to be discontinued several weeks before the laser treatment starts.

People who are on integrated life support system such as Pacemaker should also refrain from such a treatment. It is also not advisable for a pregnant lady to face the laser beam. Additionally, a person should also not consider laser hair treatment over an area beneath which they have integrated metal screw or any other metal plate.

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