What to Expect Before, During and After Laser Hair Removal

What to Expect Before, During and After Laser Hair Removal

Many different options are available when it comes to removing hair, like waxing, threading, and plucking, but laser is one of the latest approaches that provides long-lasting and hassle-free results. Laser hair reduction is a promising technique that removes unwanted hair and provides a hair-free smooth skin. Hence, it is also essential to know more about the things to consider to ensure that laser treatment offers one with the best and safest results. Lasers damage the root of the hair. As the root absorbs the laser light, it transforms into heat energy, destroys the hair follicle and further, the hair stops growing. The doctor also checks for patient health history to ensure that there are no contraindications with the treatment. The best laser hair removal in Delhi is provided at Dermaworld Skin & Hair Clinics that uses advanced lasers to remove unwanted body hair. Alma Soprano ICE device offers benefits of three wavelengths that aid in providing amazing results using the trio clustered diode technology. This helps to treat a wide range of hair types and unique heating systems damage the target hair follicle and does not cause any harm to the surrounding skin. The Soprano ICE SHR method is proven safe for all skin types, as it does not expose the skin to a single high pulse.

Before starting the laser hair treatment, there a few things that everybody must know.

Things to do before laser hair reduction:

  1. The area to be treated must be shaved to remove all visible external hair from the surface area. This helps the laser light to target the dark pigment present in the hair follicles and reduces the risk of sunburns.

  2. Protect the skin from direct sun exposure for about 2-3 weeks before treatment.

  3. Do not apply any type of tanning products on the skin 1-2 weeks prior to the treatment.

  4. Avoid chemical peels and other laser treatment between the laser treatment session and 2 weeks of treatment.

  5. Stop applying night creams, AHA, BHA, and other creams for 7 days prior to the treatment.

  6. Stop waxing, plucking, epilating, and tweezing for 3 weeks prior to treatment.

  7. If anyone is suffering from cold sores, the patient is recommended to take anti-viral medications prior to the treatment. The patient with active cold sores will not be treated.

  8. Do not perform any physical activities that increase body temperature within 2 hours prior the laser treatment.

  9. If one has undergone anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler treatment, they must have to wait for at least 2-3 weeks to go for laser hair reduction treatment. At Dermaworld Skin & Hair Clinics, the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi provides the most advanced hair reduction lasers device, Alma Soprano ICE is used to provide the best results. It is an award-winning device in the field of hair removal. The best laser hair removal cost in Delhi is provided at Dermaworld Skin & Hair Clinics, and depending upon the target area, the cost varies.

During the treatment:

  1. The area to be treated is completely cleaned and shaved. Depending on the patient’s skin, target area, and hair type, the type of laser frequency used for the treatment is determined.

  2. Numbing cream is applied to the target area, and the laser is slightly moved over the body’s target area. The patient will feel slight discomfort, similar to a rubber band snap on the skin. To manage this, a cooling gel is also applied during treatment.

  3. The patient must also wear protective eyewear to protect the eyes from laser damage. The area not be treated will be covered with clothing, and only the area to receive laser treatment will be exposed.

Post-treatment care:

  1. Ice is applied after treatment. This helps to manage redness and pain associated with this laser treatment.

  2. After the treatment, the patient may experience redness, bumps, and swelling in the treated area for about 2-3 days after treatment. The patients are provided with topical creams and aloe gel to manage these conditions.

  3. After 6-14 days post-treatment, the hair starts to fall out and shed from the skin.

  4. After a single session, one can see a 30% reduction in hair growth, and multiple sessions are recommended to achieve the best results.

  5. Do not expose the treated area to the sun for 7 days post-treatment. Apply board spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage.

  6. If blister formation takes place, do not puncture them, and apply antibiotic until healed.

  7. Avoid using sea warmers immediately after treatment.

  8. Exfoliate the treated area to minimize the risk of ingrown hair.

  9. Improper post-treatment care, including sun exposure or excessive heat, increases the chances of pigmentation, scarring, and skin texture changes.

One must also have realistic expectations with the treatment, and with laser treatment, one can get long term hair reduction. But, it is also important to keep in mind that no laser claim 100% hair removal, as with changes in the body, some hair will always strive to grow back. Regrowth is affected by hormonal changes and other biological factors, and that varies from person to person.

To know more about full body laser hair removal in Delhi, visit Dermaworld Skin & Hair Clinics.

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