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The Most Common Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving, waxing, or epilating at all times?

Body hair are normal, but many people feel uncomfortable and often look for effective ways to obtain supple, smooth skin without even minimal effort. Laser hair reduction has changed the lives of many people who are unhappy with the amount of unwanted hair on their bodies. It is the safest, fastest, and comfortable method of hair removal. Many people just run away from laser hair removal treatment due to the myths surrounding this treatment. Here are some of the myths busted related to laser hair removal treatment that one should be aware of:

Myth: Laser hair reduction increases the growth of ingrown hair.
Fact: Ingrown hair are most common after shaving and waxing but certainly not after laser hair reduction treatment. The laser treatment effectively targets the hair follicles and removes the amount of body hair from roots. The laser heat damages the hair bulb, and as a result, the hair does not grow back, and the results are also long-lasting. Hence, this treatment helps to decrease the amount of hair growth.

Myth: Laser, hair reduction treatment, increases the growth of new hair.
Fact: Laser treatment provides hair-free skin by targeting the hair follicles that are in the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. Thus it helps to reduce the amount of hair growth, and the best thing with this treatment is that the hair starts to become thinner with every session.

Myth: Laser hair reduction provides the best results in just one session.
Fact: Laser, hair reduction treatment, may reduce the hair growth just in one sitting. But for best and long-lasting results, a minimum of six sessions are recommended to achieve smooth and hair-free skin.

Myth: Laser hair reduction does not work on dark skin types.
Fact: The laser hair reduction treatment is effective on all skin types, be it dark or fair skin. The laser light technology is adjusted according to an individual’s skin and hair type, so it effectively removes hair effectively and provides smooth hair-free skin.

Myth: Laser hair reduction treatment is painful.
Fact: Laser hair reduction treatment is less painful than waxing. During the treatment, laser hair reduction treatment, a numbing cream, and cooling gel are applied on the skin. This helps to reduce discomfort cases by laser treatment, and it feels like a rubber band snapping on the skin, and this pain is generally bearable.

Myth: Laser hair reduction can cause scarring and burns.
Fact: There is a very small risk that the laser hair reduction method can cause scarring. Hence, it is recommended to get this treatment from an expert and skilled laser specialist under the supervision of expert skin doctor to minimize the risk of side effects caused by laser treatment. It is also essential to follow pre and post-treatment medications that help to minimize the risk of skin burns.

Myth: Laser hair reduction exposes the skin to radiation.
Fact: Laser hair reduction does not emit any sort of radiation. So, it is not harmful to the patient going through laser hair reduction.

Myth: Laser hair reduction is only for women.
Fact: Both men and women can perform laser hair reduction. Men can also get this treatment any part of their bodies and is also popular for beard shaping and chest hair removal.

The expert dermatologist at Dr. Rohit Batra’s DermaWorld Skin Institute conducts a thorough analysis of the skin and hair type and creates a customized plan that is suitable according to an individual’s skin concern. To know more about this treatment, contact at or +91 9911100050.

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Amazing blog!!! I have been planning to get the best laser hair removal and say goodbye to waxing for once and for all.But as written the myth regarding laser hair removal goes put me in two thoughts. Thanks for writing this blog it has helped me clear my doubts

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