Top 3 Reasons Why Men Should Go For Laser Hair Reduction

Top 3 Reasons Why Men Should Go For Laser Hair Reduction

One must be living under a rock if they do not know about Laser Hair Reduction by now (pun intended).

Both men and women all around the world are opting for Laser Hair Reduction to get hair-free and smooth skin. Given to its efficacy, laser can be used to eliminate excess hair from almost any part of the body. With the advancement in laser technology, the procedure has become suitable for all skin tones and the latest probes have also made it possible to laser the hair in the small and sensitive areas such as eyebrows, ears, nose, etc.

Laser Hair Reduction is a safe procedure which hardly has any side-effects besides mild tingling sensation and redness which tend to go away within a couple of days. The amazing results provided by laser are really long-lasting as compared to any other conventional methods of hair removal like shaving, tweezing, waxing or hair removal creams.

Now as the men are also becoming more conscious about grooming, they do not feel reluctant to opt for cosmetic procedures. Rather being metrosexual is now considered ‘cool’.

Excessive hair (especially dark coarse hair) looks unappealing on the visible body parts be it a man or a woman. As But, the kind of fast life that we are living, no one has time for everyday rituals of hair removal. Our generation wants a quick fix to all our problems. Therefore, Laser Hair Reduction has quickly become ‘need of the hour’.

So, let’s understand how Laser Hair Reduction can make our lives easy when it comes to grooming.

1. Avoid Razor Burns & Folliculitis

Razor burns can be really painful and if the person is a working professional he’ll have to make an effort to hide it. Use of razors can also lead to ingrown hair which results from aggressive or dry shaving. When the hair is shaved off with a fine blade, the tip of the hair is left with a sharp point. The sharp tip may curve back and pierce the skin. The body responds to the ingrown hair just like any foreign object by producing an inflammatory pimple-like bump. This is called folliculitis. Often, if the condition persists for a longer period the inflammation turns to unsightly dark spots at the site. Whilst the laser targets the hair follicle and destroys it completely. Thus, the procedure saves an individual from inflammation or dark spots.

2. No more hairy chest

Due to high levels of testosterone in males, they tend to grow more hair on their chest and back. Some men do not have any problem in being hairy at these areas but some like to remove it for aesthetic reasons. Especially athletes and people who do a lot of outdoor activities like to keep their chest and back clean. Shaving takes a long time to clean the chest and back hair and the results are also not long-lasting. With waxing, the hair comes back within a week or so. Also, the hair that grows back from shaving or waxing is thicker and coarse which can be quite discomforting and itchy once fully grown. Therefore, Laser Hair Reduction seems to be an ideal solution to help keep the body hair-free without any hassle and that too for a longer time period.

3. Beard Shaping

When it comes to looks, a beard is a game-changer for men. A beard can enhance the overall personality of a man. However, maintaining the shape of the beard is quite a task. One has to make sure of the length of the beard and also trim it regularly to keep the beard shape intact. But Laser hair reduction makes the process easier. One does not have to trim the pesky hair that grows outside the desired beard shape every day. With laser beard shaping, one can also remove the hair that grows beyond the jawline, on the neck. Most of the men want a more defined beard line which can be achieved with laser successfully. The procedure would also help to reduce the thickness and coarseness of the beard.

So, besides being an everlasting solution for unwanted body hair, these are the 3 main reasons why laser hair reduction must be chosen by every wise man.

However, it is important to undergo laser hair reduction from a trusted and certified clinic. At Dermaworld Skin and Hair Clinic, the technicians who perform laser hair reduction are well-trained and the procedure is carried out under the guidance of a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Rohit Batra. He is a cosmetic dermatologist and a dermato-surgeon who has years of experience in laser treatments. The clinic is fully equipped with advanced laser technology so that the patient gets optimal results without any discomfort. The staff at the clinic provides a world-class service to the patients for their overall satisfaction.

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