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Decoding the science of laser hair removal
Posted by Dermaworld | 28 September 2018
Decoding the science of laser hair removal

Do you often wonder how laser promises to secure hair-free and smooth skin? Why can’t you get your desired result in one single sitting? Do you wish to know the hidden science and clinical methodology of laser hair reduction? Are these questions often pop up in your mind? Come along! We are going to decode...

Posted by Dermaworld | 12 May 2014
Medication and Conditions That Do Not Go Well With Laser Hair Removal

You have put in intense research and have found what type of hair is yours and what will it takes to make them disappear for once and forever. The technology and its latest advancements and the surgeon who will be the best for the process; all of these factors have been taken into account and...

Posted by Dermaworld | 02 April 2014
What, Why and How of Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

What is LASER? The word LASER stands for Light Amplification (by) Stimulated Emission (of) Radiation. Simply speaking, LASERS are special form of light that contains one color or wavelength. What is LASER Hair Reduction? LASER hair reduction is a process of reducing unwanted hair with the help of laser light. A beam of LASER light...

Posted by Dermaworld | 04 February 2014
Laser hair removal or reduction ? the truth behind the myths.

Laser skin clinics in delhi are mushrooming in every nook and corner and are publiscising them as the best laser hair removal centres while others clain to give you optimum results or best bargains. Laser hair removal is a big LIE. 100% laser hair removal is not possible, only laser hair reduction is possible which...