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Posted by Dermaworld | 04 October 2018
Painless Full Body Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Men and Women in Delhi

Who can get laser hair reduction done? Anybody who is looking for a Laser Hair Reduction; be it men and women, can get the procedure done from as early as their teens till the time they have grey hair. Laser does not work on grey hair. so, we can only treat those who are having...

Can it cause Skin burn
Posted by Dermaworld | 04 October 2018
Can Laser Hair Reduction Burn your Skin?

Can LHR cause Skin Burn? Well, it's not so. Because when you are taking a treatment for Laser Hair Reduction, the laser is affecting the hair follicle, it's not affecting your skin. The surrounding skin is taken care by the cooling device that is there on the laser probe. When the technician is doing the...

What is Laser Hair Reduction
Posted by Dermaworld | 03 October 2018
What is Laser Hair Reduction?

Laser Hair Removal or Laser Hair Reduction Before i tell you about Laser Hair Reduction, lets talk about the hair cycle. Every hair be it on any part of the body goes through a hair growth cycle. 1. Anagen  - The growing phase. 2. Catagen - The regressional phase. 3. Telogen - The resting phase....

6 things that will enhance the end result of your laser hair removal
Posted by Dermaworld | 29 September 2018
6 things that will enhance the end result of your laser hair removal

So, You just went through long-planned and scheduled treatment - Laser hair removal and now wish to know the magic steps to enhance its effects. Here, we are going to share some of those eminent steps to ensure the best end results of the procedure. No makeup for next 24-48 hours As the procedure of...