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Advantages of Laser Hair Reduction Treatment
Posted by Dermaworld | 07 February 2020
Advantages of Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Laser hair reduction is a technique that uses selective photothermolysis method for removing unwanted body hair. During this procedure, laser beams are focused on destroying the dark pigment present in the hair follicles present inside the skin, and it does not cause any damage to the surrounding skin tissues. In the process of laser hair...

laser hair reduction
Posted by Dermaworld | 09 January 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Getting rid of unwanted body hair regularly can be incredibly bothersome. While tweezing, shaving or waxing provide quicker short term solutions to getting rid of hair, they come with their fair share of problems. Regularly shaving, waxing or tweezing can be painful, tiresome, messy, and leave one with ingrown hair, dry skin, rashes, temporary bumps,...

Laser Hair Reduction
Posted by Dermaworld | 16 October 2019
What Happens If You Wax Before Laser Hair Reduction?

Many people are opting for Laser Hair Reduction because of its multiple benefits. Laser Hair Reduction treatment is non-invasive, safe, quick, and the results last for a long period. The best thing about the treatment is that the procedure has no side-effects like other methods of hair removal such as redness, ingrown hair, razor bumps/cuts,...

FAQs About Laser Toning
Posted by Dermaworld | 07 September 2019
FAQs About Laser Toning

A good skincare routine is essential for healthy and beautiful skin. But sometimes, one might need to seek the help of advanced cosmetic treatments if the skincare regimen is not helping them to achieve clear and smooth skin. Laser treatments have become hugely popular since the past few decades for cosmetic procedures. Laser Toning is...